Packaged products

dot sticker series

No special printing is required. A dot sticker is a sticker pre-printed with a dot code and it can be used easily. All you have to do is attach the stickers on your books, textbooks, or items. Besides the stickers with dot codes (1000 codes), there is a set that includes a speaking pen (G-Speak) and the application “Sound Linker,” which allows you to link your owned voice data and music to dot codes.


What you already have starts speaking by placing the sticker on it.

Application which associates the audio file to the sticker.


You can use the audio files or record your own with the speaking pen.

The amount of 1000 codes should allow you to use them in various situations.

Translation/voice synthesizing solution


We coordinate the translation based on your requirement (scripts). We utilize the “YarakuZen” from Yaraku Inc. for the translation service.
Cloud based translation will provide suitable translation quickly.
After the translation we utilize the multi-lingual voice synthesizer service by AI Inc. to provide audio data.


“YarakuZen” is a cloud translation service with over 40,000 translators around the world.We can expect a translation with native touch.
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“AI Talk” by AI Corporation uses actual human voice instead of machine synthesized voice.It gives natural human touch while we can freely synthesize high quality voice data.
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Printers/Label printers


Printers and label printers with which you can print your own dot-codes.
Dot codes can be printed on designs, pictures, illustrations and even on characters.
We plan to add more printers to our line-up.

Our preference


Konica Minolta carries variety of printers in different sizes. We can recommend various printers which can fit you business.
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Label printers by Sato Corporation prints labels which can be attached to exiting printed materials.
They have printers starting with rather small size and up.
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