Invisible two-dimensional dot-code technology,
Grid Onput

What is Grid Onput?

Grid Onput is a new type of two dimensional coding technology composed of invisibly small dots. By reading the printed dot codes using the special scanner, it allows direct access to the digital contents. The diagram on the left shows the image of the moment when the scanner touches the printed dot codes.
Grid Onput’s dot codes hold 48 bits of information. Only the black dots printed with the carbon ink will be read as dot pattern and the ID will be analyzed accordingly. A 2mm square is identified as one dot code. The scanner can read not only the ID but also the angles.

Features of Grid Onput.

Each dot is almost invisible that it does not disturb the original design.
Bridges to the digital contents just by touching the printed materials.
Up to some 300 trillion different patterns can be generated.
Dot patterns are small (2mm square) and can be paved to fit on the design so that by touching anywhere in a certain design brings the same digital content.
Dot pattern can mean just an ID or an ID and XY-coordinate.
We can also tell the orientation of the pen and if the pen is tilted or perpendicular to the paper.

The printing of dot codes


The printing of dot codes

For the dot pattern, we use ink with carbon (which absorbs infra-red ray and can be black or white=stealth ink) and the reader sees those dots as black dots.Base design and dot patterns are using different ink that they can be printed together.

Advantage of using GridOnput.

Base design and dot patterns are using different ink that they can be printed together.
Regular ink-jet printers, laser printers and other on-demand printers can be used along with regular off-set printing.
Variety of materials we can use to print on. We provide the dot pattern as print image that no special DTP software is required.

Products based on the GridOnput technology

Audio playback

By touching the dot patterns, these speaking-pens play back the corresponding audio. This is widely used for language education and inbound (visitors from abroad) scenes.

Web link and other PC usage.

By assigning web-links, or digital contents like a movie to the dot code, when we touch the dot pattern, we can access the digital contents directly.

Handwriting recording.

Using a special paper with dot patterns printed as a digitizer pad, we can record the handwriting as a digital data.

Touch and check

Using the characteristics of invisible dot pattern, we can authenticate the product by just touching it.